Healing Ways

Healing Ways - Silver Colloids (2 oz, spray)


What makes our Colloidal Silver better, you ask? Our Colloidal Silver is…

Highly Concentrated: 2,000 ppm colloidal silver(parts per million).
Absorbs Easier: with a homeopathic fineness of <.0007 microns colloidal silver.
Lasts Longer: because colloidal silver can be used at full strength, or diluted to desired concentration.

Safe: with NO colloidal silver accumulation, it flushes completely. Use colloidal silver with tropical fish and infants.

Stable: Colloidal silver has a shelf life of 6+ years!
Proven: over 18 years of experience with this exact colloidal silver, with no negative colloidal silver side effects observed or reported.

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