O2 Wellness

O2 Hydrate Clear Face and Body Gel (16oz, 453g)


O2 Hydrate is a Rejuvenating Gel Moisturizer infused with the frequencies of Peace, Love & Joy. O2 Hydrate is the perfect product for any skin type, and with it's light weight formula you can finally get a refreshing feel without adding too much to your day. This gel moisturizes all of your needs in one shot, as it melts into the skin instantaneously and leaves behind an airy texture that will have improved hydration levels on top of making sure those pesky wrinkles stay at bay! 100% Fragrance Free


Spring water(infused with ions of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc), TEOA, Carbomer.


Apply a generous amount to clean skin, thoroughly covering area. Massage in circular motion until absorbed.

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