O2 Wellness

O2 Relax CBD Isolate Capsules (30 COUNT/PKG, 1125MG)


O2 Wellness's Relax CBD Capsules combine 37.5mg of CBD Isolate (THC FREE) per capsule enhanced with adaptogens. Our Relax CBD capsules are designed to help people suffering from stress and anxiety and do so with the combination of Chamomile, Ashwagandha, and St. John's Wort extract - all ingredients shown to reduce stress hormones in the body. 

Potential Benefits

Ease Anxiety and Stress
Sense of Calmness


CBD Isolate, Chamomile Extract, St. John's Wort Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, Valerian Root Extract, Rhodiola Extract, L-Theanine

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