OMG! Red Bubble Mask


OMG! RED Bubble Mask will cleanse and exfoliate.

OMG! RED Bubble Mask is a new type of mask made with a combination of Super 8 Red ingredients. The mask is an effective deep cleansing skin care system as skincare begins with essential cleansing. Small carbonated bubbles stimulate and deep cleanse skin by removing all traces of oil, sebum, and dead skin.

Rosa Canina Fruit Oil : Anti-Aging, Rejuvenating
Prunus Tomentosa Fruit Extract : Purifying, Brightening
Prunus Avium (Sweet Cherry) Fruit Extract : Soothing, Anti-Inflammatory
Punica Granatum Fruit Extract : Moisturizing, Firming
Solanum Lycopersicum (Tomato) Fruit Extract : Anti-Redness, Toning, Purifying
Wine Extract : Anti-Oxidant, Skin-Conditioning
Fragaria Chiloensis (Strawberry) Fruit Extract : Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Melanogenic, Anti-Inflammatory
Rosa Damascena Flower Extract : Hydraing, Soothing, Helps Skin Tone Even

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